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Artist Pauline Jakobsberg Exhibits in Houston, Texas


Pauline was invited to exhibit her Legacy work at the Holocaust Museum, Houston October 30th 2014 through June 14th 2015.

The exhibit Birthrights Left Behind displayed in the Museum’s Central Gallery is dedicated to her late husband and her children who lovingly continue to support her in this endeavor.

As Pauline began her Legacy work, she wanted to avail the full richness and variety of print media and wanted the prints to perform a twofold function. First to bear witness to her subjects and their stories by memorializing them and also to simultaneously express the bitter fact that our human impulse to know and remember our past can never be completely fulfilled. Determined to create a permanent impression with her audience, Pauline uses her prints full of tenderness, caring and humanity balanced with pathos and grief to ask the question “Is it possible to shape the future through memories of the past?” Inspired by memory drawings, journal sketches, artifacts and family tales told by the Holocaust survivors of her late husband’s family, Pauline has created art that leaves sweet, yet haunting memories making her visions a reality. By incorporating images from photographs and other documents into her etched prints, she develops a story. “I believe that creating images of people now gone or maybe never known, renews their lives and gives substance to their memory.”

Two days before the reception Pauline was asked to participate in the Museum’s Docent Training program which required talking about her art in detail to the Museum’s ninety five docents. For the artist the experience was a great refresher tool, going back to why one does the art to begin with, the actual creation and what message the artist would like their audience to take home. The evening of October 30th was a beautiful reception served by a Danish chef followed by Pauline’s presentation in the Museum’s auditorium. The Director, staff members and Museum donors were present and went out of their way to make the artist feel at home. Pauline has been invited back, possibly in May, for a program that is in conjunction with Syracuse University students.

Visit with Dan Welden, Developer of Solarplate Etching

Dan Welden visiting Washington Printmakers Gallery

Dan Welden at WPG

On Dec. 3,  eleven WPG members and two guests gathered at the Washington Printmakers Gallery in Georgetown to hear a talk by Dan Welden, the inventor of Solarplate Etching, an innovative and safer alternative to traditional etching and relief printing. Dan was in town to teach a weekend workshop at Pyramid Atlantic–luckily he had time in his schedule to provide us with a private “mini lecture” in Georgetown. Dan gave a fine, generous and informative talk about the new and improved Solarplate product, and showed two portfolios: one a collection of about 20 artists working with Solarplate, and another portfolio of his own work. The works were vibrant and varied. Some prints were extremely photographic and monochrome and others loose, abstract and colorful.

Pauline Jakobsberg's plate

Pauline Jakobsberg’s plate

Two members of WPG, Pauline Jakobsberg and Marion Osher, attended the workshop on Friday and Saturday, which allowed them to become familiar with the new plates and methods. On Friday, Dan demonstrated some techniques such as using a grease pencil on glass, which transfers to a solar plate, and results in an image resembling a lithograph. Saturday the class participated in a “loosening up” exercise on the plate which turned into a beautiful print by the end of the day. Pauline and Marion observed that there are many approaches to using the plates and much more to learn.

Pauline Jakobsberg's print from solarplate

Pauline’s print from solarplate

Dan will be teaching at Provincetown, MA and Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY this summer. For more information about solarplate intaglio, please visit: www.solarplate.com

Dan has also offered WPG members a show in Long Island along with preparation for a portfolio for which he could give assistance in plate developing and printing in his nearby studio. We look forward to this exciting opportunity!


Artist Update: Pauline Jakobsberg

On January 28, WPG member artist Pauline Jakobsberg participated in the panel discussion of the juried exhibition, Cultural Exchanges at the Betty Mae Kramer Gallery in Silver Spring.

Others in attendance on the panel were: Suzan Jenkins – CEO, Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County; Melvin Hardy – Millennium Arts Salon; Dr. Michele Cohen – Director, Kramer Gallery; Fetunwork Amedie – Artist; and Winston Harris – Artist.

The following is a video interview of the show’s curator, Dr. Cohen, followed by a summary of the panel discussion written by Pauline Jakobsberg.

In a recent article, New York Times art critic Holland Cotter laments that museums lack a global mix of voices; therefore, bringing disparate cultures together in the same room side-by-side on the same wall would change our habits of thinking and seeing. The Kramer Gallery shares this aim, exemplified in a very direct way by the exhibit Cultural Exchanges. Discussion among the panel centered around viewing work as a cultural hybrid – and, if artists express that through style, subject or materials. How we identify ourselves as an artist and how we balance being a contemporary artist with cultural identify. Part of this exhibit includes The Listening Room – previously shown in The Press Room at WPG) and one that I explained in depth to the audience.

WPG Member Update: Pauline Jakobsberg

On Tuesday, September 24, I attended the reception for “Our Lady of Perpetual Exhaustion” at Wesley Seminary. I was delighted to be invited to partake in such a creative environment. The range of work was amazing, with witty, bold, subtle, and colorful paintings, prints and sculptures. At least 60 people attended among artists, friends and faculty, and a catered buffet lunch was served.

After viewing the show, all retired to a large conference room where each artist present was asked to talk about their work. So many different approaches to “Our Lady of Perpetual Exhaustion” – a topic that is endless. A huge thank you to Trudy Ludwig, artist-in-residence at Wesley Seminary.

Terry Svat and Pauline Jakobsberg on WPG in Houston

From Terry Svat:

Yes, you heard correctly. WPG members are showing at the Museum of Printing History in Houston, Texas.

The opening was August 22, 2013. Pauline Jakobsberg, Ron Meick and I were lucky enough to be there for this happy occasion. Check out the announcement that is hanging on the outside wall of the museum. It was exciting and very impressive.

Banners outside the Museum of Printing History | Houston, Texas

Banners outside the Museum of Printing History | Houston, Texas

Many members of our host group, Houston Print Matters, and many other interested viewers were there to welcome us. We were so happy to be able to answer the many questions about the how, what, and why of the artwork. The exhibit was hung very well as you can see.

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2

The exhibit will be up until October 19, 2013. Our thanks to Trudi Ludwig and Andis Applewhite for the excellent curating.

From Pauline Jakobsberg:

As Terry said, Ron, she and I were delighted to be there and meet our hosts. I toured the rest of the building and was delighted to see other printmakers at work — one lithographer in particular who was restoring the image from a huge stone that he had acquired. The Museum of Printing History has a permanent collection worth seeing, and they offer a full schedule of printmaking classes including bookbinding and letterpress.

Andis Applewhite was most gracious and took the time with us to see Houston’s art scene, which is pretty exciting.

Grounds of the Houston Museum of Fine Art

Grounds of the Houston Museum of Fine Art

Gallery where the artist sold out

Gallery where the artist sold out

Houston Holocaust Museum

Houston Holocaust Museum

For more on this exhibit, read the exhibit overview via the Museum of Printing History.

A few quick November Reminders from WPG

Don’t forget these events as the holidays draw closer and calendars start getting crowded!

"Land of Indigenous People" by Pauline Jakobsberg

1. Pauline’s artist talk is today, actually, in just about one hour from the time of this posting.  Come hear her talk about the compelling story behind Haven and how she made the prints.

2. The WPG Holiday Party is Sunday, December 11, 2-5 pm.  This is free and open to the public, lots of WPG artists will be here.  We hope you can come and join in some artful holiday cheer.

"Foot Square 1" by Tracy Hill

3. Tracy Hill, the UK artist exhibiting with WPG member Martha Oatway in the December exhibition Field of Vision will be teaching a master class at Pyramid Atlantic on Sunday, December 4 on Acrylic Soft Ground Etching.  You can view all the classes and register at the link above.

4. Saturday, November 26 (the day after Black Friday) is Small Business Saturday.  Look in your upcoming emails from WPG for a special participatory offer.  If you’re not on our mailing list, sign up now!

5. Don’t forget, if you’re an artist, that we have two calls for entry going on now.  Details are at the link above.

We hope to see you here!

Haven: A story worth printing

"Lost Memorabilia" by Pauline Jakobsberg

We shared some show pics from the two current exhibitions this week, and now we want to share some of the back-story of Pauline Jakobsberg’s show, Haven.

Haven grew out of Pauline’s research into her husband’s family, who fled Germany in the 1940’s.  During their cross-Atlantic voyage, World War II broke out and they were hurriedly off-loaded in Bolivia, fearing a bombing of their ship.  In the rush of this disembarkation, the few possessions the refugees had brought with them were lost.

The family made their new home in Oruro, Bolivia–one of the highest inhabited places in the world on the Altiplano of the Andes mountains.  The difference in elevation, and the corresponding cold, wind, and thin air made adjustment for the new residents hard.  They lived there for about two years before making it to the US.

"It Began with a Small Photo" by Pauline Jakobsberg

Pauline’s work in “Haven” draws from the few possessions the family did have at the time, such as a handkerchief or family photos, as well as stories told years later.  This exhibition takes you on a trip with its subject family, sharing the intimacies of their life as well as their experience of the culture in Bolivia.  The result is a deeply personal and moving exhibition, which we hope you will all be able to come see this month.  Pauline’s opening reception is tomorrow, Saturday November 5, 1-4 pm.  She will also give a talk on Saturday, November 12, around 1:30 pm (event runs 1-4).  We hope to see you there!

Show Pics: November 2011

Check out the slideshow of Pauline’s show, “Haven,” as well as Ed’s show “In the Vault.”  Also on view this month is the members’ exhibition.  It’s not pictured, but not for a lack of great work!  Come into the gallery to check out all three shows!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Congratulations Max-Karl Winkler

"Karisa" woodcut by Max-Karl Winkler

We were pleased to see a strong representation of WPG member artists at the opening for Drawn to Washington 2 last weekend.  Prints by Pauline Jakobsberg, Martha Oatway, Ellen Winkler, and Jenny Freestone were all included.  There were some other familiar names as well, such as Caroline Thorington and Liz Peak, who both had works in our recent National Small Works Exhibition.  Overall, it was a fantastic show, and we encourage everyone to go see it.  Your last chance is Sunday, October 23.

We especially want to recognize Max-Karl Winkler and his print “Karisa,” (a portrait of the previous WPG director), which won the Washington Print Club Purchase Prize for the Permanent Collection of the Library of Congress.  Congratulations to Max-Karl, and all the other artists that were accepted!

WPG Artists in Upcoming Events

There are several events and exhibitions we want to bring to your attention.  WPG artists, as always, have been very busy of late:

Tonight, 7:30-9:30 pm, is the opening reception for Drawn to Washington 2 by the Washington Print Club.  This exhibition is at the Visarts Center in Rockville.  Max-Karl Winkler, Terry Svat, and Pauline Jakobsberg (and possibly more?) all have pieces in the show.  You can find out more information about this exhibition at the link above.

"Copy of Knowledge" by Martha Oatway

Martha Oatway has prints in the exhibition Arts Scienceat the Sarah Silberman Gallery, Montgomery College, Rockville.  This exhibition celebrates the opening of Montgomery College’s Rockville Science Center, and includes eight artists whose work incorporates science through concept, imagery, or technique.  “Arts Science” runs October 12-November 4, with the opening reception being Wednesday, October 12, 5-7 pm.  More information is at the link above.

Also, if you’re in the New York area October 31-November 5, you’re just in time for New York Print Week and an exhibition of WPG members’ work at the National Arts Club, courtesy of our friends at the New York Society of Etchers (also our January Invitational Artists, details coming soon!).  The opening reception is Tuesday, November 1, 6-8 pm.

Finally, next weekend (not tomorrow!) is the opening for Doodle Digit Dot and Without Reservations–Saturday, October 8, 1-4 pm.  Both Michael Hagan and Anne McLaughlin will be in attendance. We hope to see you there!