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Printmaking 101: Intaglio and Relief revisited

Ooooh, remember the Art Babble pressure + ink video we linked to last week on lithography?  They have one for intaglio and for relief printing, too!  They’re shorter than the litho video, but you can still see the materials and differences.  Enjoy!

Printmaking 101: Lithography Revisited

"Grass V" Lithograph, by Jenny Freestone

“Grass V” Lithograph, by Jenny Freestone

We have written an earlier printmaking 101 post about lithography, which you may have read.  However, if a picture is worth a thousand words, this video, put together by MoMA in conjunction with the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop is worth 10,000!  If you’re still having trouble visualizing how a lithograph is made, check it out!

Writeup: BMA Print Fair 2012

Last weekend was the BMA Print Fair.  WPG director Annie Newman went on Sunday, here is her report:

The founders of Printeresting, from left to right: Jason Urban, Amze Emmons, and R.L. Tillman

I was super excited to see the guys from Printeresting give their panel discussion.  It wasn’t truly a “panel,” but I enjoyed their talk all the same.  R.L. Tillman immediately launched into a discourse on the faddish-ness of printmaking–using the term positively rather than negatively.  It was interesting to see how pervasive it is outside of the art-world culture.  In particular, he pointed out the appropriation of the letterpress aesthetic in advertising, pulling up both JCrew and Target ad, amongst others.  Keep your eyes peeled and you’ll soon see what he’s talking about.

One of the most interesting trends the guys talked about was breaking out of the frame–or the three dimensional print.  You can see some really neat examples on Printeresting, just search 3D or three dimensional.  I particularly liked the example of Tara-Donovan-esque work by Andree-Anne Dupuis Bourret that they shared.  You can see their original post here.  Several of WPG’s own printmakers have been breaking out of the frame, as well–such as Mike Hagan’s screenprints on Tyvek or Terry Svat’s village constructs.  We also exhibited three dimensional prints this February, as part of our Excellence in Printmaking exhibition.  I, for one, will be interested to see how traditional methods are bent out of traditional uses.

The fair itself, of course, had some beautiful editions.  I was totally saturated by the time I left.  There was one print I had to visit twice, though, before leaving.  To be honest, I can’t remember the name of the print (it might have  been untitled), but it was a beautiful, understated and elegant print by Sara Sanders and the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop.  You can see it here (along with several other prints by RBPW and Sara Sanders).