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Artist Update: Rosemary Cooley

Odyssey II by Rosemary Cooley

Odyssey II by Rosemary Cooley

Rosemary Cooley’s Intaglio print, “Odyssey II” won the prize in the printmaking category at the Academy Art Museum of Easton, Maryland.

The 250-work Members’ Exhibition was judged by Heather Harvey, assistant professor of art and art history at Washington College, Chestertown, Maryland, and runs through August 18, 2013.

Rosemary also has an exhibition of eight prints and paintings at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. Curator Lillian Fitzgerald has initiated an impressive “Healing Through Art” program, which you may read about below. This show is on from July 8 through September 6 in the Main Medical Building on the large campus.

The artist’s prints are also in the exhibition “Noesis: Thirteen Printmakers Looking Intuitively at the World”, curated by Helen Frederick, professor of Printmaking at George Mason University and founder (1981) of Pyramid Atlantic Art Center. The exhibition may be seen at the Cosmos Club in Washington, DC, and runs until September 8, 2013. Other WPG printmakers who are in this exhibition are Jenny Freestone, Peggy Parker and Trudi Ludwig, and past member, Fleming Jeffries.


Rosemary Cooley on Distant Voices

The DeepHow often we are asked to give reasons for making art and for what it means? I’ve mined my thoughts and find it always comes back to the visual. I’d like the viewer to just “take it in,” because I make it intuitively. Oh yes, there are years of study, practice, observation, travel, dream analysis and image gathering from the world at large. Film, literature, poetry and art history play a big part too, and all these are tumbling around in my psyche when I reach for paper, ink and press. It is one of the intense joys of life to gather these entities and create.

The Deep_detailArtist Books are my form of crossword puzzles. One has to hold one’s horses before laying down images, as there is much calculation for the pictorial and for the written word to deal with first. By and by, a 12-foot-long concertina book emerges, which can be folded up and put on a shelf, spread out or arranged in the round, as you’ll see in the photos.

Mad MonkI love Medieval art, and the notion of a Monk in his Scriptorium with tempera, gold leaf and pen at hand. My monoprint collage “Mad Monk” comes from these thoughts. I collect papers from many sources and keep them according to color. Many are former etchings, woodcuts or lithographs, now torn into a new life and arranged for a new reality. 24-karat gold leaf often is used for embellishment.

Distant Voices, which includes artwork by Rosemary Cooley, will exhibit at Washington Printmakers Gallery through July 28. You also are welcome to read Rosemary’s biography or view more of her recent work here.


Pyramid Atlantic founder Helen Frederick has curated the exhibition Noesis: 12 Printmakers Looking Intuitively at the World at the Cosmos Club.  The Cosmos Club is a private club, but we did want to mention the exhibition because we saw so many familiar names, including current members Rosemary Cooley, Jenny Freestone, Trudi Y. Ludwig and Margaret Adams Parker.  Additionally, we’re pleased to see former member Fleming Jeffries and WPG friends Elzbieta Sikorska as exhibitors.  If you are a member of the Cosmos Club (or friends with one!), this exhibition will be up May 16-September 8.

Artist Update: Rosemary Cooley

Rosemary Cooley has been one busy printmaker! Look at all the upcoming exhibitions she will be included in:

"Fast Forward" by Rosemary Cooley

“Fast Forward” by Rosemary Cooley

RED at the Old Print Gallery–This exhibition opens tonight (5-8 pm) and runs through April 13.  As the event site states, ” Red is the color of blood, fire, earthen clay and blushing petals, and as such, has strong symbolic connections to life and vitality.”  This exhibition, which aptly starts the day after Valentines day and runs through the return of life and vitality of early spring, features contemporary printmakers who fearlessly incorporate red into their work.  WPG artist Nina Muys will also have a print in this exhibition.

Noesis: 12 Print Media Artists Looking Intuitively at the World–Curated by Helen Frederick, this exhibition at the Cosmos Club will be held in May and also features Amelia Hankin, this year’s juror for the Pyramid Atlantic Member Exhibition.  More details to come soon.

Solo Exhibition at NIH–Also, more details to come soon on this exhibition, but we do know it will be in September of this year.  Mark your calendars!

At Dadian Gallery: BLACK.WHITE.REaD

“Reflections/Refractions” by Rosemary Cooley

Curator (and current WPG artist member) Trudi Y. Ludwig, along with guest curator (and former WPG member) Cis Rossey are hard at work at Dadian Gallery at Wesley Theological Seminary.  BLACK.WHITE.REaD started with a simple appreciation of graphic arts, which became a conduit for expression during and in response to life’s crises.  Just as there is no black and white in life, Cis says of the art-making process (and this exhibition):

There is no BLACK. Extending pigments turns tar-based blacks to blue, bone-based black to brown. Choosing WHITE can be an impossible task when pitted against hundreds of choices. RED pigment demands attention, whereas “Read” is abstract. Our eyes perceive and absorb what we choose to comprehend.

This exhibition runs through December 15.  The opening reception is November 13, 12:00-1:30, and, the next day, Guest Artist Cyndi Wish will demonstrate mixed media monoprinting, followed by an Open Forum Discussion led by Guest Curator Cecilia Rossey, “Mixed Media Artists: Content, Technique, Media.”  More details on the exhibition, as well as an image gallery, can be found at the link above.

WPG Artist News, September 2012


“Martin Luther King, Jr” by Trudi Y. Ludwig, part of “Miracles and Madness: New Icons for a 20th Century Cathedral.”

Rosemary Cooley will be participating in the exhibition “Printmakers and Paint” at the Studio on Slough Road in Cape Cod.  This exhibition is curated by former WPG member Cicilia Rossey and runs now through September 30. If you’re in the area, the reception is Saturday, September 29, 5-7 pm. More details are at their website, above.

Additionally, we’re pleased to see a strong WPG presence at the Luce Center for Arts and Religion (at the Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC). This semester’s printmaking Distinguished-Artist-In-Residence is Trudi Y. Ludwig. Next Spring/Fall will be WPG member Margaret Adams Parker, followed by Ellen Verdon Winkler. Way to go, ladies!

American Impressions Update

Sunday was the opening for American Impressions: Contemporary Printmaking, our exhibition in Shanghai.  WPG member and show organizer Rosemary Cooley was there for the opening, and was able to share a few photos with us.  They are in the slideshow below, captioned.  Be sure to mark your calendars for the second half of this exchange exhibition, Shanghai Impressions: Ex Libris Prints, is shown at WPG in June.

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A big thank-you again to Dr. Xu Li and everyone from the Lujiazui Municipality who helped us in making this exhibition/exchange a reality!