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Postcards from the UK: Tracy Hill at Curve Gallery

“Basement Membrane” by Tracy Hill

OK, so none of us are actually in the UK at this time, but we did get word of Tracy Hill’s new exhibition Maere Panels at Curve Gallery (Liverpool, UK) so we thought we’d share.  You probably remember Tracy’s large-scale hanging prints from her exhibition with Martha Oatway last December (pictured, Left).  As with the prints at WPG, the prints in Maere Panels build upon the use of the map, layering techniques and imagery that “responds directly to the nature of layering and of building surfaces which resonates with the years of history and palimpsest within our landscape.”

This exhibition is up for the Liverpool Biennial, October 20-27, with an Opening Reception that Friday night (the 19th), if you happen to be in the area. Further details at Curve Gallery’s link, above.

Intern Perspective – Field of Vision

Field of Vision is a unique show combining the discoveries of two a like artists in one another’s respective homelands. Despite the differences in Martha Oatway and Tracy Hill’s prints, wholeness is created among them through the unity of their one vision. Their shared multidimensional experiences shine through the communication of their works.The show consists of prints with abstract expressionist qualities illustrating different locations around Washington and Preston. Martha Oatway’s prints carry a mysterious mood with their muted colors and eye-catching patterns. She uses various techniques, my favorite in particular being her screen prints on Plexiglas. Oatway’s enigmatic aura distinguishes her work from Hill’s. Hill work is more conceptual, abstract, and less formal. She has beautiful combines where she presents translucent layers of print and drawing on acrylic panels. Hill says the layers in her work “connect with the layered histories and physical creation of the landscape but the overlaid images reflect on the fragility of the earth.” The 10 hanging screen print’s Hill made engage the viewer as the lightly sway in the front of the gallery. Their purpose being to invite the viewer to “ consider the narratives of those places through time” I truly think this is successfully done. The viewer is able to capture that ambiance from this series and relate it to the rest of show. I feel as if the entire show is to express the journey and process that rendered the art itself. The way the artist’s incorporate maps and a constant audio track playing in the vault of the sound the artist heard during their walks, really enables the viewer to fully indulge in the exploration and passage of time. I enjoyed the uncommon partner show, it felt like a performance piece to me.

Sneak Peek: December and January Exhibitions

Below is a slideshow of work by Martha Oatway, Tracy Hill, and the New York Society of Etchers.  Martha and Tracy’s show, Field of Vision, opens next week.  This exhibition pushes past the usual print-on-paper-in-frame to include large, free-floating prints by Tracy that hang down into the gallery from the ceiling, prints on plexi by Martha, and a sound installation in the Press Room.  The opening reception is Saturday, December 3, 1-4 pm.  We’re especially delighted to have Tracy joining us all the way from Preston, England!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The last few images of the above slide show are be several members of the New York Society of Etchers, who are WPG’s January Invitational artists.  NYSE was formed in 1998, in the spirit of a preceding group known as the New York Etchers Club (founded in 1877). Today’s New York Society of Etchers focuses on providing exhibition opportunities to intaglio printmaking specialists in New York City, and is internationally recognized as an artist-run print organization with dozens of major exhibitions. Currently, there are close to 300 New York printmakers associated with the society (ten of which will be exhibiting here).  The opening for this exhibition is Saturday, January 7 1-4 pm.

A few quick November Reminders from WPG

Don’t forget these events as the holidays draw closer and calendars start getting crowded!

"Land of Indigenous People" by Pauline Jakobsberg

1. Pauline’s artist talk is today, actually, in just about one hour from the time of this posting.  Come hear her talk about the compelling story behind Haven and how she made the prints.

2. The WPG Holiday Party is Sunday, December 11, 2-5 pm.  This is free and open to the public, lots of WPG artists will be here.  We hope you can come and join in some artful holiday cheer.

"Foot Square 1" by Tracy Hill

3. Tracy Hill, the UK artist exhibiting with WPG member Martha Oatway in the December exhibition Field of Vision will be teaching a master class at Pyramid Atlantic on Sunday, December 4 on Acrylic Soft Ground Etching.  You can view all the classes and register at the link above.

4. Saturday, November 26 (the day after Black Friday) is Small Business Saturday.  Look in your upcoming emails from WPG for a special participatory offer.  If you’re not on our mailing list, sign up now!

5. Don’t forget, if you’re an artist, that we have two calls for entry going on now.  Details are at the link above.

We hope to see you here!

Postcards from the UK: Actually a Postcard from DC

Martha Oatway’s report of her time spent with Tracy Hill during Tracy’s residency at Pyramid Atlantic earlier this year:

Tracy Hill printing at Pyramid Atlantic

WPG Artist Member Martha Oatway printing at Pyramid Atlantic

Batter Kemble Park courtesy of Martha Oatway

Tracy Hill, senior printmaking technician at the University of Central Lancashire came to do a 9 day residency at Pyramid Atlantic in early April of this year.  While here, she and I worked on our collaborative show, ‘Field of Vision’ which will be at Washington Printmakers Gallery in December.  We’ve done four out of five walks in Lancashire, UK, our final one will be in September.

During Tracy’s short nine day stay in DC we took our five US walks and recorded our impressions with our cameras.  Back in the PA studios we made quick monotypes of some of the walks to get colors and ideas on paper.  During our first walk at Great Falls the Potomac was so high we couldn’t go out on the island.  A few days later we were able to return and do some rock rubbings of the wonderful textures.

UK artist Tracy Hill taking a rock rubbing during her stay in DC

One of our walks was in Rock Creek Park behind the Social Safeway and Dumbarton Oaks.  A few days after Tracy returned to the UK I went back to take some rubbings from those rocks and was startled when a jogger came out of nowhere in the forest and stopped dead in front of what I was doing.  She must have been shocked to see me with paper taped onto stone with blue painters tape and rubbing a litho crayon over the paper.  ‘Nuts’ must have gone through her mind.

The leaves were just coming out on the trees during Tracy’s visit and she just loved the green of the newly forming leaves.  It’s not a green she’s familiar with in the UK.  The green pollen on the stagnant C & O canal was spectacular.  She kept exclaiming over the greens she saw.  England is green and Lancashire gets so much rain that it’s green all year around so it was interesting to note the difference in greens between the two areas of DC and Lancashire.